First Baptist Church of Jenny Lind
Our Values

The values of an organization simply identify a particular group’s DNA. We are more than just an organization, and yet our church is unique. Every church is unique. These values are not things we are trying to fix or change or strive for...they are just the things that make us who we are. These are the things many of our newer members have vocalized as the reasons they joined our church. These are the things many of our older members have said has kept them active in the life of our church. This is the stuff that makes us tick, those constant variables that reflect our unique “personality.” We are people, and people are complex; we can’t be summed up in a few short words, but these things help describe our family.

Loving. We are a loving church family and see our love as a natural consequence of what Christ has done for us. This love is expressed in a multitude of ways. One of the most blatantly noticeable ways quickly seen in the Jenny Lind family is in genuine friendliness. We just can’t help it...we love God and love one another and strive to do so more and more.

Giving. We are a giving church that works together to accomplish much more than you might suspect. A common theme echoed through the years of our existence is there is never a known need that goes unmet. Whether it’s generous giving of tithes and offerings to support our ministry budget, sending people around the world on mission trips, or meeting the physical needs of those the Lord puts in our path...we are a giving church that seeks to be increasingly more generous.

Going. We have a sending King and therefore are a going church. We have, over the years, always supported the Lord’s global work. God continues, however, to mobilize us in surprising ways to literally serve Him among the nations. For some reason, God has opened doors for us to serve Him globally--doors available to no other church on the planet (literally). It’s a big work...but we are a going church, from our little corner to the four corners of the earth.

Bible-believing. We are a Word-centered family of faith, seeking in all things to be Bible-saturated individuals. We believe the Bible to be the Word of God; that each time we open it up and read we hear the voice of God from its pages. Because of that conviction, all we do revolves around the study and application of Scripture. While there are many great things we can spend our time doing, the most profitable will come from the affective force of God’s Word upon our hearts. It might not be the most popular church growth tactic...but we are just a people of the Book.

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