First Baptist Church of Jenny Lind
Our Vision

Our vision is the transformation of Jenny Lind, the River Valley, the United States, and the nations by the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Our vision is more than just numeric growth or building new buildings. We want to grow. We want to see people baptized. We want to see more and more ministries and discipleship groups begin through our church. We want to be more and more active in missions involvement. But the power and potential of the Gospel is so much more than that.

The hope found in Jesus Christ is powerful. The presence of Jesus Christ in a person’s life changes everything. When one comes to the point of faith in Jesus Christ as King, the Lord of lords begins a process of transformation that is all-inclusive. The transformation that begins in the heart of a believer not only changes them, but touches everything around them.

We believe the hope found in Jesus Christ is powerful enough to change not only a person’s life, but also their home, their community, their workplace, their relationships, their community, and even their world. We have set the level of our vision very high. We believe this vision of ours--this total transformation--is God’s vision. We believe it is a vision we will not fully see accomplished until Christ returns, but we are committed to being His servants and working toward this end. The hope found in Jesus Christ is powerful enough to change everything.

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