First Baptist Church of Jenny Lind
Our Mission

We exist to make disciples of Jesus Christ by going out as His missionaries where we live, work, and play, beginning in Jenny Lind and spreading to the nations.

This is the “how” that goes with our vision of transformation. While our vision is something we may never actually see with our own eyes (at least not in its totality prior to Christ’s return), our mission statement puts feet to that vision so that we can celebrate the small victories in the mean time. We know the only thing that will bring about total transformation is the hope of Jesus Christ. We are His servants, called to make disciples of His by spreading the message of this hope.

We also know this call to make disciples of Jesus Christ is not geographically localized but individually defined. In other words, we are all called to make disciples “as we are going.” While the Lord will lead us to participate in certain mission projects on a global scale, disciple-making is a lifestyle to which each follower of Jesus has been enlisted.

Our individual mission field is “where we live, work, and play.” All of Christ’s followers are called to be missionaries and disciple-makers. When He opens any door--whether across the street or across the ocean--we strive to be committed to absolute obedience.

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