First Baptist Church of Jenny Lind
Our Strategy

There are three hooks we try to hang our efforts on, reflected by our church logo. This is the application of the cross in real time. We believe that focusing on these three aspects of spiritual life will help us remain engaged with what the Lord is doing in and around the Jenny Lind family. You will hear these three strategic focuses often: Upward, Inward and Outward.

Upward has to do with our vertical connection with God--worship, if you will. But worship isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Actually, worship is much more than what many think. We believe we were created to glorify God. That’s it. Romans 12:1 tells us very clearly that worship is not simply a weekly, one-hour (or so) time of singing hymns and hearing a sermon. Worship is a lifestyle. We are to present ourselves before God as a “living sacrifice...which is your spiritual worship.” So, the priority relationship of our existence is the vertical one; our priority is the upward momentum of our lives.

While living out our existence before God as living sacrifices is much more than weekly services of praise and worship, those weekly services are important in the life of believers. One of our main church activities is our Sunday morning, corporate worship time. If our church as a whole maintains this “upward” momentum, it will be because we--together--prioritize worshiping God together.

Inward has to do with spiritual transformation--discipleship, if you will. But discipleship isn’t all about 8-week study guides and workbooks. Discipleship is about transformation; it is about life-change, from the inside out. Scripture tells us that we who belong to Christ are “predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son” (Romans 8:29). In other words, to be a follower of Jesus is to be on a path of constant spiritual formation.

The upward focus translates to this inward change whereby the followers of Jesus become more like Him, evidenced by a life of spiritual discipline, which yields consistent growth in spiritual fruit, and is manifested through spiritual gifts. Personal transformation takes place in Community, journeying alongside fellow believers. We are committed to focused, intentional spiritual transformation.

Outward has to do with living out the mission--ministry and missions, if you will. But the mission isn’t all about special projects we do once in a while. Life is our field of ministry. The life of upward priority, which translates into consistent inward transformation, will always reveal itself in outward portrayal of the light of Christ. If you are a follower of Jesus, than you are part of His procedure for becoming more famous in the world.

Where we live. Where we work. Where we play. We are active participants striving to be light that pushes back darkness.

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